Blue Magic Kratom: A Mystical Brand for the Discerning User

Blue Magic Kratom is a company known for making propriety blends of different kratom strains. Some of the popular items from their product range are Blue Magic Maeng Da Kratom, Blue Magic Bali, and Blue Magic Red Dragon.

The Brand

The company was founded in 2016 by two brothers Nate and Ross Jaramillo and Kyle Bratlien, their friend. They started out small. Their first manufacturing unit was in a garage situated in Temecula, California. Their USP was to create unique blends that didn’t exist before.

The demand for their products grew rapidly. They soon moved into a bigger facility. But even that wasn’t enough. They had to move once again into an even bigger facility of 4500 sq ft. The company continues to grow.

Product Range

One of the earliest products from the brand was made from Maeng Da blends. Blue Magic Maeng Da Kratom is one of its most popular products. They also worked on Bali blends during the initial days of the brand. Later the company branched out into Red Vein, Red Dragon, Green Malay, and Trainwreck blends.

The Blue Magic Maeng Da Kratom is a blend of green, white, yellow, and red strains. It provides users with benefits such as pain relief, enhanced mood, and a feeling of peace. It has been known to be very useful in helping people manage their withdrawal symptoms due to stopping their opioid use.

Blue Magic Kratom Bali is useful for mental alertness and enhanced performance. You can use it on days when you need increased focus and require working for longer hours. It can help you feel good too. It also acts as a stimulant.

Its Green Malay blend is beneficial for easing mild pain and to calm nerves. It is useful for alleviating anxiety, provide energy, and boost confidence.

For chronic pain, try Blue Magic Red Vein Kratom. It can reduce pain and even help you sleep better. If you have restless legs, the use of this blend can help. It promotes euphoria and helps you relax.

Red Dragon is useful for feeling a sense of peace and calm. It can also be used for pain relief, reducing stress, and for relaxation. It can help improve productivity.

Blue Magic mostly deals with capsules and powders. Using capsules is a great way to consume kratom. It is hassle-free and you can pop one as per your needs.

A sampling of their versatile product range –

– Different sizes of capsules (approximately 8)

– Different strains of kratom (around 8)

– Powder quantities from 30 gm to a kilo

– Tinctures in 10 ml sizes (a recent addition)


Blue Magic products are available from websites that sell kratom products. For instance, offers Blue Magic products. They work directly with the brand. So, you can be rest assured of the quality of the products available with them. Blue Magic currently doesn’t sell via its own website.

Why Blue Magic?

For kratom fans, Blue Magic offers an excellent range of products. You can use a blend as per your requirements on any given day. The growing popularity of the company is a testament to its products’ quality and usefulness.

Blue Magic is also known to conduct lab tests on the kratom it sources from various places. Know that; kratom is only available in some countries of South East Asia and the Pacific Rim. But mostly it is sourced from Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

The company tests the imported kratom for mold, salmonella, additives, pesticides, and certain heavy metals such as lead and nickel. It also tests the levels of alkaloids in the kratom leaves. It is the alkaloids that makes kratom such a wonderful herb. The levels of alkaloids need to be high in kratom for it to be effective. Blue Mafic ensures that alkaloids in its products remain high.

If you are a regular and discerning user of kratom, you may already be aware of the Blue Magic brand. Its products may be costlier than some of the cheaper brands available today. But Blue Magic is certainly not the priciest kratom brands today. Its products are priced quite reasonably considering their superior quality and unique blends.