Can Invisalign Help to Treat Periodontal Disease?

We all want a beautiful smile and healthy teeth. However, sometimes misaligned teeth stand in the way.

Improper alignment of teeth not only affects its appearance but also makes it difficult to take proper care of your teeth. The bacteria and plaque buildup can also cause dental issues and can also result in a stained tooth.

People with severely misaligned teeth experience difficulty in chewing and biting food. The food particles get stuck between the crowded teeth and do not get removed with brushing and flossing.

Invisalign treatment at McLean proves to be a boon in such a case. They consist of a series of transparent trays that move your teeth slowly into the desired position.

Apart from other dental issues, misaligned teeth can also cause periodontal diseases. Hence, they need immediate correction with Invisalign treatment.

Can misaligned teeth cause periodontal diseases?

The major issue associated with the misaligned tooth is periodontal disease. Periodontal diseases or gum diseases are severe infections that can affect the soft gum tissues surrounding your teeth. The tissue erosion can cause periodontal pockets.

These pockets are spaces around your teeth under the gumline. They can capture and hold bacteria which causes deepening of these gaps even further. If left unattended, the infection can cause damages to the jaw bone under your teeth.

There could be many reasons for gum diseases, and misaligned teeth are one of them. Hence, improperly arranged teeth are a serious concern that requires treatment with traditional braces or Invisalign treatment to avoid periodontal diseases.

Why is Invisalign treatment more preferable over metal braces in case of periodontal diseases?

Periodontal diseases cannot be treated completely. However, good oral hygiene helps keep the issue in check.

Traditional braces are fixed and removed only by a dentist. Hence, once the treatment begins, you have to wear them throughout the day. This makes certain areas of your teeth difficult to reach.

The small food particles may get attached to the metal wires of the braces. Also, you cannot remove the braces while brushing. This makes it very difficult to clean your teeth and can lead to food and plaque buildup.

Patients with traditional braces usually experience gum inflammation and redness during their treatment.

Invisalign McLean treatment is a better alternative in such a case. The invisible trays can be removed during eating to avoid any food particles from getting trapped in them.

They also do not interfere with your dental cleaning regimen in any way. You can remove them during brushing and flossing to clean your teeth properly. You can also clean the aligners and place them back conveniently.

Hence, proper dental hygiene with regular cleaning of trays can prevent any bacteria buildup and gum infection.

Can you have Invisalign treatment if you have gum disease?

If you have periodontal diseases and misaligned teeth, you can choose to undergo treatment for both simultaneously. Most dentists are equipped to handle gum disease and Invisalign treatment at the same time.

The tray sits well above your gum line and is safe to use if you have periodontal issues. However, this requires prior consultation with your dentist. Your dentist will assess the situation, and in some cases, they may decide to treat the infection before straightening your teeth.

Severe gum infections can cause significant tissue erosion and damages to the jawbone. Since your teeth are socketed to the jawbone, any issues with the jawbone need to be corrected first.

Invisalign treatment moves your misaligned teeth in the desired place by creating pressure on them. If you have a severe infection, such pressure can cause more harm than good.

In such a case, Invisalign treatment or any other orthodontic treatment should be avoided until deemed fit by your dentist.

Hence, Invisalign treatment can help in the treatment of periodontal diseases. However, prior consultation with your dentist regarding your gum diseases is essential before starting the treatment.

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