Cold Therapy Machines are so Useful, But Why?

Cold therapy is a popular remedy to speed up recovery post any orthopedic trauma. Traditionally administered with the help of ice packs, cold therapy is now delivered via special machines. A Cryotherapy machine is an innovation to help dispense an age-old healing remedy in an improved fashion.

Here are the reasons why cold therapy machine has become a popular healing device to aid the treatment of orthopedic injuries.

It helps in the speedy recovery of orthopedic trauma

Cold therapy is best delivered via machines and not ice packs or frozen vegetable bags. These basic methods may work to contain a swelling during an emergency when nothing else is available for cold therapy. For instance, say you suffer a fall at home. Then you might need to use an ice pack for quick pain relief in case you don’t have access to a cold therapy machine at home. However, when it comes to healing surgical wounds, grave injuries, or providing optimal healing then only a machine can provide consistent and effective cold therapy.

About cold therapy in brief –

Cold therapy is the use of freezing temperatures over injuries for speedy healing of the patients. The cold temperature helps in reducing the swelling and the resulting pain from it by stopping blood flow to the affected site. The cold hampers nerve communications, which in turn restrict the blood supply in the area of the application.

For cold therapy to really work, it needs to be delivered just the right way. The temperature needs to be just right and applied to the injury in the correct manner. Cold therapy machines consist of several components, which make it possible to administer freezing temperatures over the injured site properly. The pump, the tank, and other components work together to supply the injured site with the optimal cold temperature. It then helps to heal the pain from surgical wounds or injuries rather quickly.

It helps relieve pain naturally

Speedy recovery from pain can mean less reliance on medicines for the patients. Pain medicines can lead to a dependency on them if used for prolonged periods. The dependency on pain medicines can cause a slew of other health problems.

However, cold therapy is a natural healing remedy. It helps to heal pain and discomfort from orthopedic trauma without any risks of harmful side effects.

It is easy to use

Cold therapy machines are extremely easy to use. It involves no complicated switches or hours of preparations to use one. You need to simply fill the tank with ice and water. Next wrap the healing pad around your injury. Then switch on the machine and let it work to reduce your pain from the orthopedic trauma.

You can make its usage even easier by choosing machines from brands such as IsoComforter. IsoComforter cold therapy machines come equipped with self-priming pumps. So, you don’t need to work the pump to encourage the flow of water from the tank. Use of these machines also gives users the freedom from refilling the tank very often.

It is the safest way to deliver cold therapy

Uneven temperature from ice packs can cause burn injuries. However, there is no such drawback to using a cold therapy machine. The use of healing pads over injuries protects the skin underneath from any harm.

If you use IsoComforter machines, you can use healing pads containing ridges to ensure safe delivery of cold therapy. IsoComforter machines are designed using the patented Iso tube technology for perfect delivery of freezing temperatures over injuries.

It is the most convenient method for cold therapy delivery

There is no fuss involved in the use of cold therapy machines. You can sit back and relax while the device does its job on healing your injuries. If you buy portable IsoComforter machines, you can even use them while traveling or in the car.

You also don’t need to worry about dripping water on the floor or your clothes (as can be the case with ice packs). You also get the freedom from holding an ice pack over your injuries, which can be very inconvenient.