Do Hair Skin and Nail Vitamins Really Work?

Flawless skin, strong hair, and shiny nails, we all want to achieve such beauty goals. However, our modern lifestyle and unbalanced diet may deprive us of essential vitamins and nutrients.

Vitamins deficiency is rare and often results from an underlying medical condition that prevents our body from absorbing vitamins from the diet.

The result of such deficiency is often seen on our skin, hair, and nails.

The beauty industry makes promises of serving us with potions and pills that can transform our skin, nails, and hair. But how many of these claims are actually true?

To understand whether hair, skin, and nail vitamins work, we need to consider their contents and how they can be beneficial to your beauty goals.

Contents of supplements

Most hair, nail, and skin supplements contain Vitamin A, Vitamin C, biotin, Vitamin E, keratin, omega-3s, and B-complex vitamins. The deficiency of these vitamins can cause an adverse effect on the appearance of your nails, hair, and skin.

How these vitamins make a difference?

1.  Biotin

Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, helps the body release energy from food like other B vitamins. It is found in a wide range of food items like eggs, bananas, salmon, nuts, sardines, whole grains, etc. Biotin is also produced in the gut, and therefore a deficiency of biotin is comparatively rare.

However, biotin deficiency can cause eczema, hair loss, and brittle nails that break easily. Therefore, many supplements for hair and nails contain biotin as the primary ingredient.

A supplement with biotin can help people with hair loss and weak nails, only if the underlying cause of hair loss is biotin deficiency. However, there is no evidence to prove that biotin can enhance the strength or shine of hair and nails in people who do not suffer from such deficiency.

2.  Vitamin C

Most skincare supplements include vitamin C as their magic ingredient. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that protects the skin from aging and skin cancer.

It promotes the production of collagen and prevents it from degrading. It also reduces the formation of melanin that causes skin pigmentation.

Hence, supplements with vitamin C can be beneficial for the skin. However, topical creams with vitamin C have proven to be more effective as compared to oral supplements.

Despite the quantity of Vitamin C in oral supplements, only a small amount is utilized by the skin. However, the use of vitamin C brings considerable improvements in skin texture and appearance.

3.  Omega 3s

Omega 3 fatty acids are a nutrient that can help you achieve healthier skin and shiny hair strands. The main sources of omega 3s include walnut, seafood, fatty fish, and few seed and plant oils.

Omega 3s are known for their powerful benefits for skin and hair. They can boost hair growth, reduce hair loss, protect skin from UV rays, and reduce dry and itchy skin.

Our skin is made of cholesterol-derived layers. Omega 3 fatty acids are required to maintain these layers. Hence a supplement with omega 3s can help improve the quality and appearance of your skin and hair.

4.  Keratin

The outer layer of hair, skin, and nails is made up of a structured protein called keratin. Our body produces keratin on its own. However, supplements with keratin can also help strengthen the outer layer of hair, skin, and nails, making them more lustrous and stronger.

Supplements like It Works for Hair Skin and Nails with keratin can provide you with healthier hair skin and nails.

5.  Other Vitamins

A deficiency of Vitamin A, B12, C, E, can also be a cause of brittle nails. Hence a supplement rich in these supplements can strengthen your nails if you are deficient in these vitamins. However, the supplements don’t work for people who do not have such deficiencies.

The reason for issues relating to hair, skin, and nails can be numerous. Hence, it is essential to understand the underlying cause of the problem to address the deficiency in a better way.

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