Doctor Recommended Baby Bottle – What You Need to Know

A doctor recommended baby bottle is perfect on so many counts. It is anti-colic, safe, well-designed, easy to use, and a convenient medium to feed the babies.


Colic refers to incessant crying of babies for days on end. Babies can suffer from colic due to tough-to-digest food or intestinal gases. Colic can be extremely distressing for babies as well as their parents and caretakers.

For this reason, it is important to use baby bottles that come equipped with anti-colic features. You need not use the old traditional bottles to feed your baby and risk the instances of colic. You can buy well-designed bottles that are now available in the market.

The doctor recommended baby bottle has vents at the bottom of the bottle to separate the formula or the milk from the air inside the bottle. The vents help in the smoother flow of the food through the bottle’s nipples. Without excessive air getting inside their tiny tummies, the babies are safe from spit-ups, gases, and of course, colic.  

The Perfect Blender

Perfectly-blended food reduces the chances of colic. Blended food also passes through the nipples easily without causing any wastage. The formula chunks are dissolved and babies get the requisite nutrition per feed.

Baby bottles with blenders further reduce the instances of colic. These bottles are ideal for blending formula and cereals for babies. You can even blend stored breast milk using the blender bottles. Stored breast milk begins to separate into layers after a few hours, making it unpalatable.  You can’t really blend it properly using a spoon or a spatula.

You can’t blend the baby food perfectly by shaking the bottle and not fill it up with air bubbles. Even if you use the normal kitchen blend to mix the food, half of it will stick to the mixing apparatus itself. There are no such drawbacks when you use a doctor recommended baby bottle with blender and anti-colic features.


The doctor recommended baby bottles are safe. Such bottles are made from materials that are free from toxins. Look for baby bottles in the market, which are free from PVC, BPA, and phthalates.

Cheap plastic bottles can seep toxins into your baby’s food. But bottles made from quality materials are free from toxic chemicals and perfectly safe for babies.


Doctor recommended baby bottles are well-designed to offer the most comfort to the babies. The nipple is made from silicone, and its shape perfectly mimics the shape of a woman’s breast. It helps the babies to perfectly latch onto the bottle’s nipple and feed properly. The perfect nipple design also helps with babies’ easier transition from breast to bottle.

Blender baby bottles come with separate nipple attachments with different flows. So, you can buy slow flow for your newborn and medium flow for infants, and fast flow for year-old babies. There are other flow speeds also available depending on the brand of the bottle. Some baby bottles also come with a sippy cup attachment for older babies.

The shape of the bottles is such that older babies can hold it comfortably by themselves. You can also use handle attachments if needed. The bottles are easy to grip in any case.

Convenient to Use

The best anti colic baby bottles with blenders are easy and convenient to use. The blender is inside the bottle itself. So, you can blend the food in the bottle and then feed your baby using the same apparatus. You won’t need to use separate spatulas, bowls, and bottles to blend the food and feed your baby. You will only need to clean the bottle that serves more than one function, eliminating the need to use other containers and blenders.

Blender baby bottles are lightweight, portable, and rechargeable through a USB port. Such bottles also come equipped with a battery level indicator for the users’ convenience.

With just one simple motion, you can blend the food in seconds and to perfection. You need to simply place the rice cereal, oatmeal cereal, formula, or the stored breast milk inside the blender bottle and press the switch to begin the blending function.