How Can I Get rid of a Fever Blister Fast?

Fever blisters are small fluid-filled blisters that appear around your mouth, lips, and tongue. They are also called cranked sores or mouth ulcers.

These blisters appear due to an infection with the herpes simplex virus type-1 and can cause pain, discomfort, and social awkwardness. The sores can also result in crusting and bleeding, which can cause embarrassment.

The infection with Herpes Simplex Virus cannot be cured, and the blisters take one to two weeks to clear up in a healthy individual. For many people, it can take longer, and the infection can spread to other areas as well.

Hence, it is essential to get rid of fever blisters fast, especially if you have a big event coming up. Let us learn more about fever blisters and how you can treat them quickly.

1. Recognize the early warning sign.

If you want to treat your fever blisters fast use fever blister medicine, you need to act as soon as you experience the first sign of the infection. Most people experience an itching, burning, or tingling sensation a day or a few hours before the first blister appears.

Start treating your blisters with natural remedies, topical cream, or oral medication as soon as you suspect cold sores.

2. Cold press

If you suspect an infection from HSV type-1, you can start the treatment with a cold press. Applying an ice cube to the tingling area can combat the outgrowth of blisters and also helps them heal quickly.

You can also apply a damp cloth to the cold sores to reduce redness and crusting. This eases the symptoms and enables faster healing of sores.

3. Topical medication

Topical medications for cold sores are available in the form of creams, gels, and ointment. They help reduce the growth of fever blisters and are generally available over the counter without a prescription. You can also order them online and keep them handy if you get infected by fever blisters multiple times in a year.

These topical medicines usually contain acyclovir or penciclovir. They control the outgrowth and improves the appearance of blisters. Using topical creams helps shorten the healing time for cold sores by a day.

The ointments need to be applied multiple times in a day within a gap of few hours. The sooner you start the process, the better it is. The medication can also help in relieving pain and crusting.

You should use topical creams for five to seven days to get rid of fever blisters quickly. Also, avoid using your hands to apply the ointment as it can spread the virus to other parts of the body. Use a cotton swab and dispose of it after each usage.

4. Oral medication

If you are experiencing recurring cold sores, you can choose oral pills for fever blisters as an alternative. Also, applying topical medications several times a day may get tedious and cumbersome.

Unlike topical medications, you need a prescription to get oral tablets for cold sores. Therefore, patients with recurring issues may keep pre-filled prescriptions or store the medicines for future usage.

The most common medicines include acyclovir, famciclovir, and valaciclovir. It does not have any side effects. However, a lower dose is advisable for people with kidney issues.

The antiviral attaches itself to the virus and deters its growth. It accelerates the healing process and also manages the symptoms of infection.

Based on your symptoms and their severity, your doctor may recommend suitable antivirals. You need to take these medicines once or twice for one to seven days. The doses of antivirals also depend on your immune system.

These are some of the means to treat your fever blisters and get rid of them faster. Time plays a crucial role in treating a cold sore. Hence the sooner you start, the better results you get.

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