How Cold Therapy Unit Helps You Heal Faster

Cold therapy is a beneficial remedy for healing orthopedic injuries. It is best delivered via a top cold therapy unit, which are special devices designed for this purpose. When cold therapy is administered using these well-designed devices instead of rudimentary methods such as ice packs; you can experience the full extent of its benefits and hasten your healing.

Understanding Cold Therapy and its Delivery Methods

Cold therapy –

Cold therapy is the use of freezing temperatures over orthopedic injuries or surgical wounds. The application of the extremely cold temperature on the affected area hinders nerve communication around the injuries. Without nerve communication, blood supply to the affected area also tops temporarily. The process helps to reduce swelling and the resulting pain due to the inflammation on the injury.

With consistent and optimal cold therapy application, you can speed up healing of all kinds of orthopedic trauma remarkably. For this purpose, it is best to use machines designed to deliver cold therapy.

Cold therapy delivery methods –

You can administer cold therapy with ice packs or even frozen vegetable bags. However, these methods can be messy, uncomfortable, and inefficient for the delivery of cold therapy.

Ice can melt and drip water on the surgical wounds; increasing your chances of contracting post-operative infections. Your cold therapy healing session can then turn unsafe for you rather than helping you. The dripping moisture can also wet your clothing and the bedding; even create messy pools of water on the floor. Such inconvenience aside, it can be uncomfortable to hold the ice packs in place over the injured site for 15-20 minutes at a time; several times a day.

The uneven bags of frozen peas or ice are also not ideal for delivering cold temperature deep inside the tissues properly. These cold therapy delivery methods are thus really not optimal to derive their full benefits. Patients are also likely to discontinue their cold therapy sessions if their delivery method is uncomfortable.

Optimal delivery of cold therapy is essential for speedy healing of injuries.

Cold therapy units are designed to offer a way for patients to benefit from cold therapy in a comfortable and safe manner.

These machines consist of several components such as a pump, a tank, a healing pad, etc. You need to wrap the healing pad around the affected area after filling the tank with ice and water. You can then switch on the machine and sit comfortably. The water from the tank then begins to flow to the healing pad via a tube with the help of the pump’s function. The delivery of cold therapy is thus consistent, safe, and without any inconvenience. Such ease of use can also enable patients to continue using cold therapy units until necessary. You can use cold therapy units easily at home settings too other than your rehabilitation center or the hospital.

Features of a Cold Therapy Unit

There are various kinds of the best percussion massager could therapy units available in the market today. You can buy a machine as per your unique needs. For instance, IsoComforter cold therapy units are designed using the patented Iso tube technology for extremely safe and efficient delivery of freezing temperatures over injuries. IsoComforter healing pads are also designed with ridges to ensure no risks of injuries due to contact from the extremely cold temperature.

You can even buy an IsoComforter machine with healing pads specifically made for different areas such as the knee joint, shoulder, or the back. If you need the machine for healing surgical wounds, you can buy an IsoComforter machine with a sterile healing pad. For other injuries, non-sterile pads are also available.

If you need to use the cold therapy unit on the move, then it is best to invest in a portable machine such as those available from IsoComforter.

IsoComforter machines are also very easy to operate due to the use of self-priming pumps in their manufacturing. You also don’t need to replenish IsoComforter machines with ice very often. So, you can relax completely during your cold therapy sessions. These features are also useful when you need to use the machine on your own without any assistance. It is best to buy a cold therapy unit that is perfect for your healing needs.