How Your Dentist Can Change the Aesthetics of Your Smile?

People generally like the company of those who smile. A smile says a lot about a person. Some people call a smile the mirror of the heart. However, a dental condition can affect a person’s smile.

Your teeth and gums may have suffered a trauma caused by an accident. Also, tooth decay and gum diseases are the major reasons for wearing down a person’s teeth. Regardless of the cause that is affecting your smile, a decent McLean Dentist ( can change the aesthetics of your smile for the better through the following treatments:


Crowns are fitted over existing tooth structures. They help to restore the tooth’s natural appearance and function. By repairing or strengthening damaged or discolored teeth, crowns can change your smile for the better.

Crowns are generally made of porcelain or ceramic that is color-matched to the rest of your teeth. This ensures a natural-looking finish. Crowns can also be made up of metals and metal alloys. It normally takes two visits to the dentist to get a crown fitted. This is not counting any other treatment that may be required such as a root canal.


Missing a tooth can impact your ability to speak and chew, your overall health, and how your smile looks. A dental implant replaces an entire tooth. It is a titanium post placed into your jawbone that acts as an artificial tooth root over which a crown is placed. Dental implants offer a more permanent solution than something like dentures.

Not everybody can have dental implants. If you have a medical condition like diabetes or if you have gum disease, then you are not a suitable candidate. Smoking can also cause complications with implants and affect recovery time.


Bridges are false teeth attached between two crowns. Like implants, bridges are a way to replace missing teeth. Though bridges are less permanent than implants, they are a good option if the teeth on either side of the gap have fillings and will need crowns.

Crowns are fitted on either side of the missing tooth and the bridge is cemented into place between them. If you are looking to change your smile by replacing a missing tooth, a good McLean Dentist can advise you if you should go for an implant or a bridge.


Teeth whitening treatments include using bleaching gels that help to lift stains and remove discoloration from the surface of the teeth. Though teeth whitening doesn’t have the same functional benefits as some of the other treatments mentioned in this article, it is still very popular.

You can receive the treatment in a dental clinic or your dentist can prepare a take-home kit for you to use over a certain period of time. The take-home kit usually includes a whitening gel and a tray that should be placed over your teeth for a specified time. Results are usually visible after one or two weeks.


If you are looking to correct small gaps, chips or cracks, discoloration, or slightly crooked teeth then a dentist might recommend veneers. Dental veneers are thin restorations added to the front of the teeth. They are custom made from thin shells of porcelain or composite resin.

Your dentist can select the veneer color to match with the rest of the teeth. Veneers are an alternative to teeth whitening. Veneers can be a solution for minor crookedness of teeth but if you have serious alignment problems then your dentist may advise orthodontic treatment.


Braces and Invisalign aligners move your teeth into their desired positions over time. Your dentist will make regular adjustments to the braces or aligners during the course of the treatment. Invisalign aligners are a solution for all those people who want to change their smile without getting noticeable metal braces.

Correcting crooked and misaligned teeth makes it easier for you to clean your teeth and it also reduces the chances of cavities and gum diseases. The length of the treatment will depend upon how much your teeth need to be moved and the kind of braces or aligners you choose.

Do you have any questions about how a McLean Dentist can fix your smile? Please feel free to leave your comments below.