Signs It’s Time to Call a Pediatrician Immediately

For a first time mother, every little thing seems so alarming that visiting a pediatrician becomes constant. The fact is, if there is something wrong, the first thing one must do is call a Gaithersburg MD pediatrician to get an assurance that the baby is fine. Nevertheless, today we will be discussing some signs that one must be familiar with, because if it happens with your baby, then you need to call the pediatrician immediately.

Babies have very Cold Feet and Hands – If the baby’s hands and feet become cold, put your hands on their torso, and try to feel their temperature. If the torso is pink and warm, then it is normal. The circulatory system of the baby is in the development stage and their blood is often more diverted to vital systems and organs because blood is more required in those areas. This is why their feet and hands are the last body parts to receive a good amount of blood supply. For fully adapting to life outside the womb, it takes up to three months for blood circulation in babies. However, please call the pediatrician if you are unable to warm up or their lips have turned purple.

The diaper is filled with Blood – The same maternal hormones that cause inflammation in the lips and testicles can lead to vaginal discharge accompanied by blood. Nothing to worry if there are little blood stains on baby’s diaper during the first few weeks of their life. For girls, this period will last for a few days only. In some cases, the blood may be concentrated in the urine and will look darker. However, if the blood is dark red then it is high time to call the pediatrician in Gaithersburg, MD as early as possible.

Baby’s Lips have Blisters – Many newborns develop a blister or tuber on their lips due to breastfeeding or sucking on a bottle for a long time. At certain cases, babies can have blisters while sucking their thumb from birth or staying in the womb. The blister or a callus will form on the baby’s lips, which will disappear in a short period. If it is still there, call your doctor for the best solution.

Having Diarrhea – Babies three months old having diarrhea are at risk of dehydration and this can be a life-threatening situation. Therefore, if your baby has diarrhea please visit the doctor immediately. However, you have to understand when the baby has diarrhea or not. Breastfed babies often have a mustard-yellow and liquid stool. Babies can have more bowel movements if they are fed with formula milk and the stool color can be darker, but still, they have a liquid –to soft consistency. Again, there are newborns who defecate multiple times a day while others do it for a few times a week. The fact is your baby does not have any stomach pain or swelling and is gaining weight. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish normal bowel movements from those caused due to diarrhea, especially if the baby is breastfeeding. Generally, babies defecate after each meal if they are on breastfeeding. You must know your baby well and understand what is normal or not for them (consistency, volume, frequency, etc.) and if something is wrong, call the pediatrician in Gaithersburg MD. If you do not notice the above signs in your baby, but notice that something is not normal, do not hesitate to ask your concerns and learn more about the symptoms as well as cure.

Vomiting – Typically, it accompanies diarrhea as part of stomach virus or gastroenteritis in kids. It is not a serious concern if the child has vomited few times, is not dehydrated, have little abdominal pain, and keeping small amounts of fluids down. Take medical help when the child is vomiting dark green bile, which is a sign of intestinal obstruction. If you observe that the newborn has severe abdominal pain or headache or have developed pyloric stenosis, call the pediatrician.