Step by Step Guide for Using Self Massage Tools

Do you lead an active lifestyle that can often be physically exhausting? Are you suffering from a chronic condition that causes pain and discomfort? You may find it beneficial to undergo massage therapy, and the best part is you can do it yourself with the best self massage tool.

Self massage tools are increasingly becoming popular with athletes, personal trainers, and regular people interested in maintaining a healthy mode of life. Due to time and financial constraints, it is not possible for everyone to head for the spa to get regular massages from a professional masseur. Or to visit a massage therapist or a chiropractor and wait long hours to undergo expensive treatments. However, getting a self massage tool is a doable option for most people.

Many of these devices are in the affordable range and simple to use. Being small-sized and light in weight, they are also easy to store or carry around. You can use them at your convenience at home or on the go.

The best self massage tool can offer you the following benefits:

  • It will relax your muscles and reduce soreness and inflammation.
  • It will provide relief from chronic pain.
  • It will improve your blood circulation.
  • It will enhance your immune system.
  • It will help with weight reduction.
  • It will improve your muscle tone.
  • It will quicken your muscle recovery.
  • It will improve your physical fitness.
  • It will help you feel more alert.
  • It will help to maintain flexibility.

Using the best self massage tool

To begin with, get the best self massage tool you can afford. You will be using it daily and you want one that is durable and has features that will benefit you health-wise. These can include adjustable speed levels and changeable massage heads that let you customize the tool according to your preference. You also want a tool with a battery life of at least three hours. You can check on the LED indicator to find out how much battery life you still have remaining, and use the accompanying charger to power up.

The tool will come with a detailed instruction manual on how to use it for muscle warm-up and recovery. Following the instructions will get you the best results.

Here’s a step by step guide for using a self massage tool

  • Review your current physical condition and make a note of the problem areas and focus on these trigger points.
  • Use the self massage tool in these areas two to four times every day.
  • Use the fork massage head in your neck and spine area, the large ball massage head to target large core muscles, the bullet massage head to knead into deep tissue and joints, and the flat massage head to get an all-over body treatment.
  • Massage for one or two minutes. You could concentrate on the shoulder muscles for 15 to 20 seconds, on the chest muscles for 30 seconds, on the back muscles for up to one minute, on the hip muscles for up to one minute, and on the thigh muscles for around 30 seconds.
  • Apply light to tolerable sustained pressure.
  • Knead into the sore spots, uncomfortable kinks, and tight knots to loosen them.
  • Switch between different percussive massage heads and adjust the variable speed options to get the results you want.
  • Expect some discomfort, but ease the massage if it starts to feel too painful.
  • Do some gentle stretching exercises after the massage.

By using the best self massage tool every day, you will develop a better understanding of where you feel pain, the probable causes of this pain, and the best ways to treat it. With its ergonomic design, you will be able to use the best self massage tool to get relief in even the hard-to-reach areas of your body.

To stay healthy, it will help to establish a regular regimen of exercise and massage. Be consistent, and you will notice a definite improvement in your health. You will be able to get relief from mental and physical stress, feel more relaxed, develop a healthy appetite, and sleep better than you ever did.