What are the Benefits of Kybella?

Accumulated fat under the chin (submental fat) can adversely impact your entire face profile. It can even make some people feel less confident about their appearance. Often no amount of diet and exercise is effective against stubborn chin fat. But now there is an easier solution to the problem of a double chin – Kybella.

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a prescription drug that reduces fat in the chin area. It is an injectable treatment that was approved for use by the FDA in 2015. Kybella is administered as a series of injections in the chin area as per individual needs. Depending on each person’s requirements, one or more sessions may be needed to reduce the double chin. Many providers now also offer Kybella for reducing fat from other areas of the body as well such as the arm or the thigh.

Kybella is extremely effective for reducing chin fat. There are many benefits to using it as a solution to refine the chin area.

Benefits of Kybella

Kybella actually works to reduce chin fat

Kybella has been formulated specifically to use in the chin area. It is made from a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid that exists in the body naturally. The role of deoxycholic acid is to aid the body to process fat. When injected into the chin, it targets fat cells in the chin area and destroys them. The destroyed fat cells move out of the body through natural elimination processes. Kybella is an excellent treatment for those who are predisposed to have chin fat due to genetic reasons. Such stubborn fat rarely responds to even extreme diets or exercises.

Kybella offers long-term results

Fat cells once destroyed are gone forever from the body. So, you can expect the results of your Kybella treatment to last for a long time. Unless you experience extreme weight gain, you can continue to enjoy a refined chin area. With weight gain, the body can make new fat cells. But the cells that have been targeted and eliminated by Kybella are destroyed for good

Kybella is safe to use

The fact that it is composed with a synthetic version of a chemical that is already present in the body makes Kybella one of the safest injectables available today. There are no risks of allergic reactions in the body with its use. The thing to keep in mind is to always choose a certified and experienced provider for your Kybella treatment. For instance, if you want Kybella in NYC then choose a clinic managed by a qualified doctor or a nurse.

Kybella treatment begins by numbing the chin with a cream. Your provider will then mark the chin with a pen to allocate precise injection points. The drug needs to be injected carefully into the cells that need to be destroyed. Any problem with the administering of Kybella can cause bruising or affect other nearby tissues. Before your treatment begins, your provider will also assess your medical history to see if you can use Kybella safely. Some drugs such as pain relievers and herbal supplements can interfere with Kybella treatment. It is also not recommended for pregnant women. So, it is imperative to choose a licensed and experienced Kybella treatment provider.

Kybella treatment doesn’t require any downtime

The recovery period after a Kybella treatment session is not long. You can resume with your daily chores as usual. Your provider may recommend a few care instructions such as protecting the chin from harsh cosmetics or direct sunlight. Some redness and swelling is possible after a Kybella session. But these symptoms subside within a few days. Your provider may recommend using cold compresses to reduce the swelling if it bothers you.
Due to the fact that Kybella is a nonsurgical treatment, you don’t need to worry about recuperating at home as is the case with surgeries.

Kybella treatment sessions are not time-consuming

It is possible to undergo Kybella treatment even when you are short of time. One Kybella session may require 20-30 minutes depending on your needs and your provider’s expertise in offering the treatment.

Kybella is a groundbreaking treatment that actually offers good results in a safe manner.