What You Need to Know About Vampire Facial

Vampire facial is not your usual relaxing salon treatment involving cleansing and massage strokes on the face. It is a treatment that requires blood and medical knowledge. But it involves nothing scary even with its use of blood.

Here is an overview of the skin treatment known as the vampire facial.

The Procedure

Vampire facial involves the use of a person’s own blood for achieving a more youthful and healthier skin. It is also known as PRP facial for its use of platelet-rich plasma for the treatment.

The blood is drawn from the person undergoing vampire facial. The blood is then separated into different components such as red blood cells and plasma. PRP is injected into the skin using a microneedling tool. Microneedling in NYC is a technique to infuse the skin with healing substances using a tool that contains several tiny needles. PRP can be injected without microneedling too. The procedure can differ from provider to provider. Some providers may also slather PRP on the surface of the skin as an additional measure.

Your provider will apply numbing cream on your skin before injecting PRP into it. Due to this step, there is relatively no or very low pain from the injections. You can experience redness on the skin for a few days before the treatment. Some amount of itchiness and puffiness is also normal. But these side effects subside after a few days.

The facial may be completed within 60 to 90 minutes depending on the steps used in providing the treatment.

The Results

The plasma contains platelets, which consist of growth factors. Use of these growth factors helps to make the skin more radiant and beautiful.

The injections are akin to small injuries on the skin, which help in renewed collagen production. Collagen is the protein that holds the skin together and keeps it supple. With age, collagen begins to dwindle from the skin; causing it to become riddled with wrinkles and fine lines. PRP helps to remedy the loss of collagen from the skin.

The Efficacy of the Treatment

Vampire facial shows good results even with just one treatment. You will be able to notice visible improvements on your skin after your first session. With renewed collagen production, your skin will look younger and smoother.

Some providers may also inject it under the eyes if needed. Some people develop hollows under the eyes with age. Lines and wrinkles also mar the under-eye area, which can further affect a person’s appearance. If you are bothered by these problems, then vampire facial may be helpful for you.

Vampire facial can also help to add volume to sunken cheeks (another sign of aging). It can make the skin more beautiful by tightening the open pores. It is also effective for reducing scars, hyperpigmentation, and acne.

PRP can also treat skin affected by melasma (a skin condition). Many people can have skin damaged by excessive sun exposure. Vampire facial can be helpful to correct this kind of damage. Even if you don’t have any skin problem, vampire facial can be used for facial rejuvenation. Stress, excessive workload, and lack of sleep can contribute to a haggard look on the skin. One session of vampire facial can help you regain your skin’s natural glow.

You can continue getting the vampire facials as needed or as recommended by your provider.

The Right Provider

For vampire facials to show good results, it is important that a qualified medical professional such as a doctor or nurse performs it. You may require to do some initial research to find the right provider especially if you are seeking a qualified one for your vampire facial in NYC.

In a huge city like NYC, there can be several providers and clinics offering the same treatment. So, conduct your research properly to find a clinic run by a qualified medical professional. You can check online reviews of providers or check their websites before scheduling a consultation with them.

The Cost The cost of vampire facial can differ based on the experience of the provider and the location of the clinic. Some clinics also offer discounts for multiple treatments.