Your Guide For Finding The Best Dark Tanning Bed Lotion

Looking all around the world, it’s abundantly clear that people look different. Different customs, different regions, different cultures (and different desires for dark tanning bed lotions) all grew separately from each other for thousands of years, and one major element that shapes how people will turn out is the climate. Because the world is a swirling mass of different climates, from arid deserts to humid jungles, to bitterly cold tundra, and because the sun shines more or less at different latitudes, it should be no surprise that one of the key ways that a people can adapt to a climate is via their skin tones.

Skin tone is determined by the presence of melanin, which is a series of pigmentations that determine how dark your skin will be in response to exposure to the sun, and now that we live in a globalized world with easy air travel, people are no longer relegated to one geographic region. Travelers and snowbirds the world ‘round find themselves traveling to warmer climates with their dark tanning bed lotion in tow.

Of course, people aren’t always naturally adapted to suit. Those with fair, light skin stand a good chance of getting burned, or worse, contracting skin cancer from exposure to sunlight that they’re not used to. Similarly, people from more overcast climates, such as coasts, find themselves at a loss of sunlight, and this can be a real problem in the summers, when people like to sport a sexy, smooth tan. Dark tanning bed lotions to the rescue!

What to Do When The Sunlight’s Through

These days, there are alternatives to sun exposure to get a tan. There are tanning beds, which, while they can be intense, are relatively safe. Tanning in a bed requires multiple sessions, and wanting a darker skin tone can mean more sessions—unless you use a dark tanning bed lotion. Although tanning beds are a controlled environment, there are still risks to the skin from tanning too much to try and get your seasonal bronze. That’s why amplifying your tan with a dark tanning bed lotion is a smart idea.

A sleek tan doesn’t need to mean way more trips to the salon. You can help give your tan a boost using bed-safe dark tanning bed lotion. Nowadays, there is a huge market for dark tanning bed lotion to augment all skin types with varying moisture levels and melanin pigmentation. If you’re eager to turn that pallor into an impressive, deep bronze, dark tanning lotion might be your best bet. But how do you pick from such a wide selection? There are a few things to look for:

What to Look For in a Dark Tanning Bed Lotion

#1: A Tanning Bed Lotion vs. Suntan Lotion

To the uninitiated, when someone says, “tanning lotion,” their minds automatically jump to suntan lotion, but there are a few very important distinctions between the two. Dark tanning bed lotion is salon-safe and won’t damage a tanning bed’s acrylic hood, but suntan lotion will. Also, suntan lotion contains high SPF (typically 15-30) where dark tanning bed lotion contains low SPF (1-4), if any at all, which means you should avoid using dark tanning bed lotion as suntan lotion.

#2: DHA Content

Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA for short, is a common additive to tanning lotions that accelerates and augments the bronzing of skin. The skin’s uppermost layer consists of dead cells, which react with DHA to give it pigmentation. The amount of DHA will determine the amount of darkness of a tan. Typically, a dark tanning bed lotion’s range of DHA content is between 5% and 15%, and the higher the percentage, the darker the tone of the lotion.

#3: Moisturizers

Because any exposure of the skin to UV rays will cause it to dry out, wrinkle, or crack if it is not cared for properly, it’s best to select a dark tanning bed lotion that contains at least one moisturizer. If the lotion also contains skin-enriching vitamins, it’s a bonus.

#4: Tinglers and Coolers

Some dark tanning bed lotions have special additives that make your skin tingle or feel cool. This is more than just a good way to feel pleasant sensations: these additives stimulate the upper level of skin to produce more melanin.

What is the Best Dark Tanning Bed Lotion for Me?

If you’re new to indoor tanning, the sheer selection of dark tanning bed lotion can leave you feeling confused. However, with this guide to the basics of dark tanning bed lotion, your hunt will be made all the easier.