What are the Advantages of Using a Cold Therapy Machine?

A cold therapy machine is a device to deliver freezing temperatures over injuries in order to heal them. These machines are ideal devices to administer cold therapy for speedy healing of patients from orthopedic trauma.

There are many advantages to using a top cold therapy machine.

You can enjoy a speedy recovery.

Cold therapy is one of the best healing remedies to reduce orthopedic pain. Consistent and efficient use of cold therapy can help patients regain range of motions in their joints faster after knee or shoulder replacement surgeries. Only a cold therapy machine can offer such optimal healing.

These machines consist of a healing pad that you need to wrap around the affected area. You can store ice and water in the tank. The water from the tank flows to the healing pads for even cold therapy delivery. There are no risks of dripping water on surgical wounds or inefficient temperature delivery as can happen in case of uneven ice packs. The moisture from the ice packs can cause post-surgical infections, thereby, hindering the recovery of the patients.

For maximum benefits, you can use cold therapy machines made using the latest technology. For example, IsoComforter machines are designed using the patented Iso tube technology for the perfect delivery of cold therapy. The healing pads consist of ridges for the safe delivery of freezing temperatures.

You can use a safe and natural remedy for your healing.

There are no side effects of using a cold therapy machine. You can use it for prolonged periods of time without experiencing any harmful effects.

Application of cold temperature on the injured site hinders blood supply to the area by blocking the nerve communication temporarily. The process reduces swelling and any pain that can occur as a result of it. There are no chemicals or drugs required for cold therapy.

Use of ice packs can sometimes cause burns on the skin due to uneven temperature contact. The constant holding of the ice packs over the affected site can cause pain or discomfort in the wrists or arms. Imagine holding the ice packs over your shoulder joint several times a day for 15-20 minutes at a time. It can get uncomfortable very fast.

You can experience pain relief without medicines.

It becomes necessary to use medicines for pain relief after a particularly severe injury or during the post-surgical recovery period. It is all right to use pain medicines now and then. However, prolonged or excessive use of pain-relievers can cause users to become addictive to the pills. Such dependency can cause other health problems. You will also need to use more pills to experience their pain-relieving effect as the dependency begins to become severe.

However, when you use a cold therapy machine, you can do away with medicines for pain relief. With consistent and proper delivery of cold therapy, patients can continue to experience relief from pain with every healing session.

You can use it for healing different kinds of pain.

Use of a cold therapy machine is not only beneficial after surgeries or injuries. You can use it to relax your sore muscles or to experience relaxation after a tiring day.

Athletes often use uncomfortable ice baths to relax their tired muscles after their training sessions. They can instead use a cold therapy machine, which is convenient and easy to use. You can use a cold therapy machine after your workout routine or rejuvenate your muscles every few days.

People in professions requiring extensive use of the shoulder joint such as wall painters can use the machine for pain relief. Similarly, it can help people who work with heavy machinery or who need to drive for long hours without breaks.

You can use the machine without any inconvenience.

Using a cold therapy machine is very easy. When you use IsoComforter machines, you can experience even greater ease in their usage. First, you don’t need to fill the tank with ice very often. You can even continue to use the machine on your back or knees while you work on your computer or complete some tasks that you can do while sitting. You can use portable IsoComforter cold therapy machines to reduce pain while on the move (driving, traveling).