What You Need to Know About Knee Injuries and Ice Therapy Machine?

An ice machine for knee joints can seem like a very complicated piece of equipment if you go by nomenclature alone. However, it is rather a simple and handy device to deliver ice or cold therapy to knees in the most efficient way possible.

Knee Injuries and Ice Therapy

The knee joint is made up of several tendons, ligaments, and muscle groups. The knee joint is quite prone to injuries. The tissues and muscles inside the joint can tear and break even with the slightest twist of the knee. The elderly can experience pain in the knee joint due to arthritis and weak muscles. Even younger people can be prone to knee pain due to their poor lifestyles or excessive weight.

If the healing of the joint is not perfect, then the pain in the knee can last for a lifetime. For this reason, it is extremely important to use natural remedy like ice therapy to heal the knee joint perfectly.

Ice therapy is helpful for patients post-knee-replacement-surgeries. Ice therapy can also help in the speedy recovery from any type of knee injury. However, for ice therapy to work correctly, it is important to deliver it via machines. To heal the very important knee joint, simple ice packs are simply not sufficient for optimal delivery of cold therapy.

Using an Ice Therapy Machine to Heal Knee Injuries

An ice machine for the knee joints comes equipped with a healing pad that can be conveniently wrapped around it. Machines from brands like IsoComforter make healing pads that offer cold therapy from all sides. Use of such healing pads can be more beneficial than ones that can deliver cold therapy only from the top.

Using an ice therapy machine on the knees –

You can use an ice machine for knee joints easily at home settings. Patients recovering from knee surgeries are most likely to use it in hospitals initially.

The machine is made up of components such as a healing pad, a pump, a tank, and a tube connecting them all. To begin a healing session, you need to first fill the tank with ice and water. You can then wrap the healing pad around the knee and switch on the machine. The cold water from the tank will flow to the healing pad to provide your knee with ice therapy.

IsoComforter manufactures ice machines using the patented Iso tube technology to offer cold therapy in the most efficient manner. These machines come equipped with a self-priming pump; offering easy operating mechanisms for users. The healing pads in these machines consist of ridges to deliver ice therapy without the risk of injuries.

You will need to use ice therapy several times a day or as recommended by your doctor. Each session will need to last for at least 15 to 20 minutes. For minor injuries, fewer sessions may be sufficient.

Benefits –

Ice therapy is now included in the recovery plan of most knee surgery patients.

Post a knee replacement surgery; ice therapy can help patients regain range of motions in the joint at a quicker pace than actually possible. Patients can then begin their physical therapy also sooner than expected. Ice therapy helps to reduce the swelling and the pain in the knees remarkably. Patients cannot commence their physical therapy until the pain has subsided enough for the joint to move with at least some comfort level. Consistent ice therapy via machines helps the patients to receive optimal healing for their speedy recovery.

Recovery after knee surgeries or injuries is not easy. It can take patients months of physical therapy to regain proper mobility in their knee joint. In order to manage pain, medicines are often prescribed to the patients. But prolonged use of pain medicines can be addictive and cause many other health problems for patients. Instead patients can use ice therapy to reduce the pain in the knee joint without any side effects.

Using an ice therapy machine is very easy. It can help anyone experiencing knee pain of any kind to heal rather quickly.